High Quality Driven Performance in Crewing Services

Energy, Maritime & Project Staffing


We are a certified manning agency, Active in the following industries


On and offshore, we provide staff for the energy sector. In the Oil and Gas as well asĀ  in renewables, we will add value with our staff to your organization.


50 years of history in manning ships, we provide crew for tugs, multicats, coasters, containerships and jackup vessels. In 2018 we had in towage, offshore and dreding an average of 232 seafarers a day working through us.

Project Staffing

We provide project based staff for longer and shorter periods. On and offshore riggers, welders and crane operators, we can supply you with qualified personnel.


Proudly part of the van Weelde Shipping Group

CSC has been 20 years part of the Van Weelde Shipping Group

The Rotterdam-based Van Weelde Shipping Group is an integrated shipping company involved in ship owning, chartering, shipbroking and ship management. Apart from the shipping activities, the Group is involved in commercial real estate in The Netherlands. We invite you to visit the websites of the different Van Weelde companies.

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