We are looking for experienced Masters. As a Master you have the management skills to train, coach and maintain your crew to the standards of our clients, and to their own potential. In addition to your team, you are also able to conduct independent work; Maneuvering / Anchor handling / Double tow / Rig moves. Because the vessels will be changing projects regularly almost no trip will be the same. The ships are sailing worldwide. Experience is most preferred, but the right mentality of hard work and team player are much more important.

Bottom line: you are responsible for the efficient, safe running and maintenance of your vessel

This vacancy is written in a very wide perspective of our client’s needs. Some of the clients work with Cargo, Dredging, Towing industry. Be very clear on which type of ship you’ve worked on by send a long your sea travel list and your valid Certificate of Competence.


Candidates should have

  • A valid Certificate of Competence – 3000GT or Master no limitation;
  • A valid seaman’s book, medical certificate, STCW documents;
  • A valid passport which is valid for at least 12 months;
  • A Valid ECDIS certificate;
  • A valid DP certification would be a pre;
  • Good command of the English language;
  • You have an independent and safe attitude with quality awareness and responsibility;
  • You have a friendly and flexible attitude with regards to working hours;
  • Willingness to work abroad on a regular basis, ranging from a week to several months;
  • You are a team player who thinks along and can improvise on location;
  • You show initiative, are accurate and creative in finding solutions.


For more information, kindly send an email to or call us at +31 (0) 118 74 5600

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