Maritime Officers


As a Maritime Officer (Maroff) you will deal with all kinds of technical tasks on a ship. Your tasks are the control of the ship, monitoring on the state of affairs in the engine and supervision during loading and unloading.

During sailing you are responsible for the bridge condition and maintaining the right course. With that in mind, you have to pay attention to the shipping traffic and adjust if necessary to speed and maybe your course. In the control room of the ship, you can keep an eye on the engine and other systems like dredging pumps (for some clients). When ashore your work will be mainly to monitoring the loading and unloading of your cargo. As a maritime officer you are in charge of the shore and loading team. You keep an eye on whether the load is not damaged.

The ships are sailing worldwide. Experience is most preferred, but the right mentality of hard work and team player are much more important.


Our candidate has

  • At least a valid Maritime Officer (Maroff) certificates;
  • Possession of a valid certificate of competence according to STCW 95, a seaman’s book and a valid medical certificate;
  • Good knowledge of Dutch and English language;
    You have an independent and safe attitude with quality awareness and responsibility;
  • You have a friendly and flexible attitude with regard to working hours;
  • Willingness to work abroad on a regular basis, ranging from a week to several months;
  • You are a team player who thinks along and can improvise on location;
  • You show initiative, are accurate and creative in finding solutions.


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